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Back Care Clinics


As a strong believer in the multiple benefits of the ayurvedic system of medicine, providing complete cure is our ultimate aim. Only complete cure can generate confidence in the system among the beneficiaries and associates, which is essential for mass acceptance. To provide individual care to our existing patients and to those attracted through mass communication, the services of expert doctors and clinics are required, without which all the advertisements will go waste. With a view to popularising our special back pain treatment and products, we are in the process of setting up back care clinics throughout the state. We are on the lookout for clinical setups with basic amenities which can be associated with Veda Back Care Clinics.


The doctors and other staff of Veda Back Care Clinics can avail of the services, training and other supports from Veda Nursing Home, Omalloor, Pathanamthitta. They can clear their doubts in managing any disease, be it in Ayurveda or Modern System of Medicine.


The clinic will be given a complete face-over. Once Veda Back Care Clinic, it can use Veda’s brand name, all its branded materials, information literature, printed case files, etc. The doctors and staff of the clinic will be given training on Veda back care products and in setting up a fully functional back care clinic.

Benefits to doctors

This will be a good opportunity to gain complete knowledge on back pain, clear doubts on any ailment they frequently meet with. They can also have the brand support, knowledge updating, financial gains through sale of medicines, supporting structures, and through references. A steady flow of patients can be expected, and also exposure to the media through Veda’s continuous advertisements.


Once the agreement is signed, you will be provided with medicines, sign boards, and the above-mentioned articles. The next will be the training. And finally a grand inauguration.

Mode of Induction

Only ayurvedic doctors with A-class registration will be inducted. After a formal MoU is signed involving both the parties, a training session will be arranged for doctors, therapists and staff, which is compulsory. A booklet will be provided, including all information on back pain, together with a questionnaire, which has to be filled up and sent back to Dr. K.P.Muralidharan, chief consultant of Veda. After this, you will be formally inducted to the network of Veda Back Care. In-house training at Veda can be arranged if necessary.


An initial cost of Rs. 25,000 will be incurred, which include the cost of medicines (Rs. 10,000), leaflets, booklets, information brochures, supportives like belts and collars, case sheets, board, etc (Rs. 5000) and advertisements (Rs. 10,000).

Special products for Back Care Clinics

  1. Veda Back Pain Oil

  2. Veda Back Care Oil

  3. Rejatha Ghrutham

  4. Mahagandhaka Guggulu

  5. Bhadradarwadi Kashayam (spl)

  6. Panchathiktakam Kashayam (spl)

  7. Vyoshadi Kashayam (spl)

  8. Marma Gulika

  9. Vathajangusham tablet

  10. Karaskaradi Choornam

  11. Belts, collars and other supportives